Interview Questions to Ask Deejays

For many couples, the entertainment is pretty high on the list of priorities for their reception (I know, it seems like everything is high on the list!) I can’t tell you how many DJ meetings I’ve been in where they tout, “you know we can make or break the success of your event.” I used to LAUGH (inside of course!).

Today, I can appreciate the sentiment, because for the most part, the music will be playing in most people’s minds as they leave your wedding. Your guests will absolutely remember if the music was too loud, or if they couldn’t hear anything, or worse if there was terrible feedback. The DJ you hire should be someone that really understands the music you listen to because if your styles don’t match, you will not have fun that night!

Your wedding DJ is someone who needs to wear multiple hats. Including successfully being in control of the crowd, and sometimes holding purses or cell phones during speeches 🙂

To get a better understanding of who your DJ is and if your personalities mesh, here are some questions you should ask…

Are you available for my wedding day (wedding weekend)?

The answer needs to be Yes! Keep in mind that many DJ companies have multiple DJs so you need to be sure who will be at your wedding specifically. 

What is the best form of communication with you?

Like with other wedding professionals, you just need to know the answer so you know how to handle this.  

Who is your ideal client?

Just be in the know… 

What is your favorite type of music?

If they pick EDM or Country and you hate that, they may not be the best fit.  You want someone who enjoys the music you want to hear at your events. 

How do you handle guests when they come up and make music requests?

Most DJs are going to take the requests, especially if someone drops a tip! If that is not ok with you, then you need to have this conversation early on.  Remember that everyone wants to have a good time, so if there are specific songs you absolutely do not want played at your events – give that list to the DJ and then let the rest be in the hands of your creative pro!

What time do you arrive for set up?

Important to know so that the DJ and décor team aren’t both trying to unload at the exact same time. Most teams need a couple of hours to set up. You just want to be sure that your DJ isn’t saying something like 30 mins – that is a sign that your event will start late. 

How many hours are included in the package?

Before you talk to your DJ, our hope is that you have already booked and know how long your event(s) will last. You’d like to be sure that those hours are negotiated in, so that there are no extra fees.  

Will you include music for {baraat, ceremony, lunch, vidaai, cocktail hour, reception}?

If you want music for all of these elements, then the answer should be yes 🙂 For things like the lunch or cocktail hour – it’s common for DJs to just have a play list going and not actually be playing the specific songs. 

What are some things you do hype up the crowd?

This will vary by DJ, however, some will be on the mic, while others will toss out glow/foam sticks or keep the dhol player going.  There are several ways to do this – what’s your favorite? 

What lighting equipment come with the package? What are the speakers that come in the package?

We want to be sure you get speakers for the front of the room as well as satellite speakers for “side fills,” which will allow for greater sound quality for the people sitting in the back of the room.  As for lighting, at most weddings, you see uplights (for lighting the walls) and some lights on trusses (for the dance floor).  What did you want at your event? 

What other equipment/services are included in your package?

  • Make sure there are speakers around the ballroom

  • Make sure the priest/officiant has a mic

  • MC services – will they make announcements and introduce events

  • If one of your guests who is performing needs a song cut, ask if the DJ will do that

  • Make suggestions on music for entrances/event

What other services do you provide?

  • Dhol player

  • Dancers (bhangra, bollywood, other)

  • LED dance floor

  • Vinyl dance floor

  • Screens and projectors

  • Props: glow sticks/sunglasses/etc.

Consider the needs you will have for your entire wedding weekend when hiring a DJ, so that you have an idea of what you want before interviewing DJs.