We crafted a unique wedding and an experience our guests truly enjoyed. ~Jeff & Jenny

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A wedding planning app to help you hire trusted wedding pros and stay organized.

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A Proven System to follow for seamless planning, allowing you to make decisions with confidence.


Everything about your events and guests in one place, seamlessly pulled together for you.


From budget management to vendor selection, our intuitive platform has you covered.


Prompts you to stay on track with tasks like hiring wedding vendors, ensuring a smooth planning process.

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Expertly Crafted Wedding Planning on your time

With 20+ years of wedding planning insights, DesiWeds is here to make your planning journey smooth. Our app walks you through every step, helping you plan a wedding that reflects your culture and style.

Logistics | Follow a Step-by-Step Proven System

With DesiWeds as your command center, our proven system ensures seamless logistics, allowing you to plan with confidence.

Hospitality | Concierge Level Attention

Our wedding pro matching system prioritizes hospitality, ensuring the perfect venue, caterer, bar options, and cake for your event.

Aesthetics | Define Your Wedding Vision

Craft the perfect aesthetic for your special day, from decor to attire, setting the stage for your dream wedding.

Experience | Executing Your Dream Event

Your wedding becomes an unforgettable experience, with curated entertainment and personalization that reflect your personality.

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