Are indian Save-The-Date cards That Important?

The use of Indian save-the-date announcements has grown over the years for several reasons, specifically, they give your guests a heads up on your upcoming wedding date. Aside from that, they introduce you to your guests as an officially engaged couple and let your guests know that you would love for them to attend your wedding. 

If the above mentioned reasons sound important enough to you, then you and your groom-to-be should begin to look at some Indian save-the-date design options and decide which direction you’d like to go.  As design ideas go, creating personalized cards can establish a good platform for “branding” your wedding. If you really don’t have any ideas on what you like, you’re somewhat left wandering in the dark not knowing where to begin, which may prove to be a lengthier process than one would hope. 

is it too soon to send announcements?

Keep in mind that guests get invited to several weddings within a year, so you want to be sure they reserve your wedding weekend before they commit to another. The key question here is, how do you announce the wedding date to those who need to know? 

First, even though it may have taken you some time to find the right venue for your ceremony and reception, you have finally chosen the day you’ll say “I do”.  With that firmed up, it’s now the right time to tell the world! (Formally, not on Instagram).

Second, there are a couple of options as to how you inform your guests.  The most formal way would be to send printed cards that are mailed out. With printed cars, there are hundreds of design ideas at your disposal. But, before you can even think about starting to produce your save-the-date cards, it may be a  good idea to do some research on the latest trends and past designs. Every couple is unique in their own way, of course. But, we suggest looking at what others have done, not necessarily to copy them, but to get inspiration!  

Indian save-the-date eCards are becoming a very popular option these days.  One of the biggest benefits to sending eCards (aside from saving on postage and the environment) is that many services give guests the option to give you their physical address, saving you the trouble of gathering all the addresses later. One of our favorite online greeting vendors is Paperless Post. They have very unique and elegant options, especially for wedding related announcements.

save-the-date design tips

Are you still wandering in the dark?  Let’s shed a little light on this. If, for instance, you’re in love with photo announcements, we suggest you gather a few ideas of exactly what you both like, then share these designs with your photographer.  Giving your photographer a concept of what you like will help him or her setup your engagement photo shoot session with that purpose in mind. Otherwise, the session may result in a ton of pictures that you do not use because you had a specific vision but didn’t communicate it. Ultimately, you want to be prepared and use your time (and theirs) wisely.

Another great tip is to consider where the pertinent information will be placed when you are designing the layout for your save-the-date cards. Leave room somewhere for your names, the date (duh!), and the city where your wedding will be held. This basic information is sufficient since the announcement is meant to serve as a simple notification. Some couples tend to add “invitation to follow,” which isn’t a requirement, but it is an option.

Now for some inspiration

We have included below several types of Indian save-the-date cards to get your ideas flowing. Most list the three basic pieces of information, but you’re welcome to add more.  Some couples prefer less and some prefer more. It’s up to you and your groom as to how much detail you’d like to include.

We hope that you enjoy these great Save-the-Date ideas from Minted. It’s a perfect place to start gathering Indian wedding invitation ideas too. What we love about Minted is that through our affiliation with them, we can offer you Free Personalized Save-the-Date Samples.

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