COVID-19 south asian/indian wedding planning guide and resources

We cannot begin to imagine the range of emotions you must be feeling as you try to plan for a wedding in the midst of so much uncertainty.  We strive to be transparent and to empower you with knowledge, so that you can make educated decisions throughout this process.

Our team has created a beautiful and easy-to-use guide to help you plan within the recommendations provided by CDC as well as other State and industry resources.  Here you’ll also find answers to questions and helpful links for couples and families planning an Indian wedding.

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covid wedding planning guide for indian weddings

This 15-page guide was compiled by our team to provide you with a snapshot of what the CDC is recommending for each vendor category.  We hope this will prepare you to have better conversations with vendors, and to set expectations with your guests and service providers.


top questions answered

How do I postpone my wedding?

You are not even married yet, and already you are being challenged with a very important decision you must make together.  Postponing your wedding is an extremely emotionally and difficult decision to make.  Although things keep changing with regard to what venues and the CDC recommend, postponing your wedding will come down to what is best for you and your family.  Here are a few steps you can take to help make this process a little easier.

What CDC recommendations should I consider when planning my wedding?


The changes have greatly impacted the vendors and venues that will be providing you services.  In some cases, the additional staffing and equipment requirements have increased their costs.  These costs will either be shared or passed on to the wedding host, you.  Regardless of the size of wedding you are planning, this post has an example of how your budget can be affected. 

How can I find what is being recommended in my State?

  • Q: Can I go to church? What about weddings and funerals?
  • A: Yes, you may attend these services, but only in limited circumstances. A service can proceed in person if people are spaced at least six feet apart from one another. Or, it can be a “drive in” service where people remain in cars with other people from their household—spaced six feet away from people in other cars. To help prevent COVID-19 transmission, every effort should be made to conduct these services through remote participation. Organizers of religious gatherings are strongly encouraged to read and implement the Alabama Department of Public Health’s Guidelines for Places of Worship.

How can I find what is being recommended in my State?

to cancel or postpone?

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