Week 1 | email 4. 10-12 months prior to wedding day

Hello Beautiful!

The time between your engagement and wedding day will be emotional for both of you. Let’s not forget that your parents and siblings will also experience some feels. 

Reflect on the fact that your wedding is a celebration of you and your fiancé, shared with the people you love most in this world. 

Before we get going, PROMISE that –

You WILL go on date nights together (minimum one every other week) where there is NO wedding talk. 

Well, except for when you post a story about your date night and tag @desiwedsonline 😉 

engaged couple on date night desiweds

guest list and budget

Ok, let’s go… 

Where do you begin? In the first video, you heard many times that you MUST start with your guest list and budget.

  1. Guest list – it’s important to get names on a list.
    • Login to our Downloads page to get your Starter Guest List Tracker. Add all of the names and use this guest count as you look for venues. 
    • Start with family and close friends, then move on to friends and coworkers that you want in attendance.  
    • Ask each set of parents to write the names of must invite guests.
    • Notate the events that each guest is invited to
    • As planning progresses, you will receive access to a more detailed tracker.
  2. Budget – if your parents are anything like mine – they’ll make anything you want happen for you.  However, that isn’t the most practical way to enter into wedding planning.
    • Have some initial conversations between you and your fiancé about your priorities and what you’re comfortable spending on the wedding.  
    • Then, have a conversation with your parents. Discuss their thoughts (trust me, they’ve already talked to their friends to find out what was spent on their kids’ weddings). 
    • Finally, plug that agreed upon number into our Budget Estimator to see how to best allocate your budget dollars.


  1. Schedule your next 3 date nights
  2. Download and fill out Starter Guest List
  3. Start the Budget conversation – read A Sit Down With Your Parents
  4. Fill out the Budget Estimator 
  5. Update your online checklist