Week 2 | 10-12 months prior to wedding day

Hello Beautiful!

So maybe budgeting isn’t the fun and glamorous portion of the planning process, but it is a MUST do. 

Please let us know if you have questions. We’re here to support you.

If you’ve completed your previous tasks, then you’re ready for the next email!

Hint: The next step requires you to know all the events you want to host, your Ceremony and Reception start times, and you likely guessed it – the budget and guest count :). So, begin thinking about timing scenarios. 

  • If you’re following auspicious timings, the priest will dictate the start time for you.  
  • If not, we suggest a 11 am(ish) ceremony time, with baraat at 10 am.  
    • Gives you time in the morning for prepping, primping and not stressing.
    • It allows for enough time between ceremony and reception for you to get ready. 


  1. Let us know if you’re feeling a little extra and have questions.
  2. Status check: Budget Estimator and Guest List Tracker – DONE?