Week 1 | email 3. 10-12 months prior to wedding day

Hello Beautiful!

As you begin to obsess over all the little (and big!) details for your wedding day, and before you begin to feel overwhelmed or anxious;

Take a deep breath — breathe in the Grey Goose – breathe out nerves — and know a couple of things…

First, you CAN do this. (without the added calories of alcohol)

Second, we’ve got your back. 

trust the process

Trust the process.
We know that you are smart and capable of pulling off the wedding of your dreams.

With the right resources in one place, you will feel less stressed.

DesiWeds is by your side using our proven process, because not everything needs to be done in one sitting.

We begin with prioritizing what’s important, then guide you through every decision.

So, is everything really, really important? 

This video helps you imagine your ideal day and asks the ONE question to determine your highest priority.


  1. Watch the video
  2. Take this time to list your wedding weekend priorities (you’ll need them for the next email)