Week 1 | Email 2. 10-12 months prior to wedding day

Hello Beautiful!

Before you get buried in the fine planning details, let’s pull out a calendar and make some decisions.  

Couples usually like about 9-12 months to plan a wedding for a number of reasons, such as;

  • It takes roughly 6 months to custom order your lehenga 
  • There are numerous meetings to attend and decisions to make
  • You want to give yourselves enough time to get through it all and enjoy the process! 

wedding planning step 1

Where to begin?
Talk it over to see what dates work for you and your families.  

Write down your top 3 options! 

Next, decide what events you’d like to have – include your bachelorette party, bridal shower, rehearsal dinner, pre-wedding pujas, sangeet/garba, etc., every event that is related to the wedding.  

Write them down.

Before you start venue hunting, run the dates past your closest family and friends and make sure everyone can attend.

Lastly, determine a location – meaning city – where you want to get married.

After those are done, we can start with budgeting for this celebration!

covid-19 resources

While the entire world is facing the COVID-19 crisis, we cannot begin to imagine the range of emotions that you must be feeling as you plan your wedding.

Although we may not understand it all, we are here for you and will be by your side to give you guidance and insight to better prepare you for the celebrations to come!

Our team has created a guide compiling the standards based on CDC recommendations, plus things to consider as we move forward into our new normal. 

We are in an ever changing landscape, so visit the site as we refresh it regularly with the most updated information.  

Check out our COVID-19 Resources here.

action items

  1. Determine wedding date (limit to top 3 choices) 
  2. Determine all events you want to host in conjunction with the wedding
  3. Determine the city where you will get married
  4. Update your online checklist
  5. Read An Indian Wedding Planning Checklist – Method to the Madness
  6. Familiarize yourselves with the wedding industry’s COVID-19 procedures