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As the founder of DesiWeds and a wedding consultant since 2004 years, I know exactly what causes wedding burnout – and the type of support couples need most. 

Essentially in wedding planning, it’s about who you trust.

Shena Cherian

DesiWeds is my way of helping couples feel confident with the vendors they hire and excited about planning the most important family event of their lives together. I’ve seen couples time and again get to a point where they say, “We just want to get this over with.”  It doesn’t have to get to that point.  The only difference between pure burnout and wedding bliss is taking smart, educated action with the right team. You’ll be able to experience  that (and so much more) with DesiWeds.

You’ve gotten your degrees, traveled the world, battled dating apps...and appeased your parents

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Our wedding planning system was created  to get you from #indianengaged to joyfully walking down the aisle 

(Without losing your mind or family members in the process.)

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Our four-pillar wedding planning journey


Define your wedding vision

From wedding décor to outfits to all the looks, defining the aesthetics of your wedding elements will drive your decisions.

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Follow a step-by-step proven system

With as your command center, you can plan this wedding with your eyes closed!

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Execute your dream event

You're not planning a wedding, you are creating an experience. From the DJ and entertainment to photo and video, your wedding is a reflection of your personality.

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Connect with a personal concierge

Hospitality is your middle name. Let us help you achieve an event that your guests will love with the right venue, caterer, bar options and wedding cake.

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engaged indian american couples are asking:

This all depends on how quickly you can make decisions, plus how much time you have to dedicate to meetings and planning. Most couples are busy with their careers or school, so we recommend giving yourselves at least 9-12 months if you are hosting a multi-day affair with over 200 guests.

That’s great, and we highly encourage it!  The DesiWeds platform is on your side to provide you with unbiased resources and guidance. You can use DesiWeds to plan your entire wedding on your own, or in conjunction with a wedding consultant or day-of coordinator. Either way, our goal is to support you throughout your journey.

We suggest that you sit down and discuss your schedules together. Identify activities that can be put on hold temporarily. Remember, this is the biggest event of your lives and it will require your attention for a very brief moment of your lives together. Next, we suggest you set priorities and follow our proven planning timeline for a successful wedding planning journey.

Congratulations on hiring all of your wedding vendors! However, hosting a fabulous event doesn’t just come together now that you’ve booked vendors. How will your vision come alive? We have templates that will get you from budget planning to wedding day itinerary. There’s a décor quiz to help you determine your style; checklists for every vendor and event type, so you don’t forget very important items; and our monthly Concierge calls where we talk through creative solutions for your most pressing questions.

Yes, sort of.  At the moment, the content available on DesiWeds is accessible only by selecting one wedding type (Hindu, Christian, Muslim or Sikh). We can however work with you offline for your fusion wedding. Our technology platform is being redesigned and we expect to be able to offer a streamlined process for fusion weddings in the near future.

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