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The right outfits

Just like majority of our lives, we a females, seem to always obsess over what we wear. Just like any other day, we obsess over our wedding event outfits. I mean realistically, why shouldn’t we right? It’s our big day and everyone’s eyes should be on the bride. Technically, no bride is wrong to be a bridezilla about her wedding event outfits at all! Now, the common thought is, that every bride wants to look her best and wear the most in fashion but the problem for brides that live outside India, it’s hard to find clothes that fill every expectation. Living in the U.S or UK, we have access to Indian clothing stores in most major cities, but the quality found in those stores is another story. Now, some brides are highly blessed to live in places that have stores that keep up with India’s fashion week. (Which also usually means that you end up paying large sums of money to even get anything similar to what you find in India) But for us that aren’t blessed with stores that don’t have such a great collection, where do we go? Unfortunately, we usually end up having to travel to cities that offer better collections, and for those who are able to, go to India themselves. Fortunately though, we’re able to have a bigger, better and usually reasonably priced collection. Now every bride may not necessarily end up going to a major city like Delhi or Mumbai, but that’s the beauty of India. Brides are able to find clothes usually in their hometown or from a surrounding area that are just as fashionable and great. Technically, it all depends on the taste of the bride; how contemporary or traditional your taste is, determines sometimes where you may end up shopping. Besides the part of where you may have to go shopping, there are a few other tips we’d like to share that we would hope to make your experience smooth as possible.

First of all, family is going to play a huge part in picking your attire, most likely your mom and/ or sister. Do keep their opinion in mind and consideration but make sure they aren’t making the complete decisions for you. It’s important that you love what your in so you feel as comfortable and good as possible. If you don’t like what you’re wearing, then your most not likely not going to feel right wearing it. Also, just because something may look nice when you see it, doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s going to look great on you. Sometimes outfits that we may not like the best at first can be the most flattering for you. As far as size goes, try to make the measurements as realistic as possible. It wouldn’t be completely ideal to make your outfit so fitted that you have to loosen or sadly, crash diet. (You should be healthy as can be!) There’s nothing wrong to wanting to lose or gain a few pounds in between fittings, just not to the extent to where you and your tailor are struggling last minute to get you fitted.