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The Last Hoorah – the Groom’s Baraat

Traditionally, most Indian weddings hold a distinct time during the wedding process for the groom’s arrival to the ceremony, the baraat. honestly, it’s more like the final dance as a single man. After the baraat he’s going inside directly to become a married man. So since it’s his last dance of singlehood, why not let him and his boys live it up?

There’s all sorts of ways grooms can do their baraat. As most of us have seen from watching several hours of Bollywood movies, grooms traditionally come in on a horse. I’m sure there’s a good reason that elders back in the day made that a tradition, but the revolution of weddings in the past decade, there’s all sorts of styles to entering.

Like I stated before, coming in on a horse happens quite often but they also only stay on for half the time and then they join their friends and family below in dancing. Another option that is around the same budget is arriving in acar. Boys of course love their cars, so why take that away from them on their wedding day? Whatever their favorite may be, sports or limos etc, can be easily used for their entrance. Now most grooms like open top carsso they are easily seen ( you know, for photographs and video) and of course to party along with their crowd. Some other options that would give more sparkle to their baraat is maybe arriving in an helicopter or elephant or even the desi way, on a rickshaw.

Now, some of these options are more heavy on the budget, so bear that in mind when considering options. the most important part is that you, the groom has the most fun possible! if you need your own jams to get the party started then had a list or CD with your chosen music to your DJ. This is one of the most impromptu part of the entire wedding so play it up to your advantage! make sure your family is around and enjoying and that your friends are part of the process as well. the more people enjoying, dancing and partying it up, the more fun you and everyone else will have and at the end and that’s what matters! Plus, this is one of the very few times out of the entire wedding where YOU will be given more attention than your bride. So take this “you” time and enjoy it to the fullest!