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Music For Indian Weddings

Music in an Indian Wedding

Apart from all those little Indian wedding traditions, there is something very important that keeps the wedding alive for everyone. If you give an Indian wedding invitation to someone, he expects a wedding full of fun filled events and a rocking music that will make your dance stage go crazy. The selection of songs is very important, so you should consider some important things. Most of the couples hire a DJ and let him or her do whatever he/she feels right.

preyarohit_0360Every DJ has its own specialty and it’s good to know that specialty so that you can use it to your advantage. Even if you don’t know the preferences of that particular DJ, you should tell him/her what you really like and what you want to be played on that particular day. The DJ might play songs that you want to avoid and if you want to get away from this awkward situation then you need to tell your DJ what do you really want and also those things that you want to see in the playlist.

While selecting the songs for your different parts of your wedding, you need to keep in mind the choice of every person that is invited in your wedding because everyone doesn’t have the same choice of songs, you might like some song that the audience will hate and the audience makes the wedding lively so you have to select those songs that are good for any sort of audience.

There is an important factor about music that you should keep in mind before your marriage commences and that is the selection of different songs for all the parts of the wedding. You need to give your DJ specific directions for every part of the wedding, song for your dance , music when you are about to cut the cake, song when you enter the venue and  song when you are leaving , you need to tell you DJ about all these songs so that there aren’t any unwanted delays. This mistake is very common and should be avoided because all it takes is a message to your DJ before the event that is coming so he/she is ready for it.