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Joote do Paise lo

One of the biggest controversies regarding weddings isn’t the rituals, rites or anything, rather it happens to be one of the most traditional games in probably wedding history, of course, the shoe stealing! As far as time goes back, Bollywood movies and personal experiences have shown us the way this game works between sister in laws and the brother in laws. now the controversy isn’t of actually playing the game or how much to pay in exchange. rather, it lies in whether the boy’s side should let the girl’s side take the shoes! I know there’s this unspoken challenge between the sides, but realistically, it lies in the best interests of the groom to do what makes his bride happy right? And I’m pretty sure that means that her girls get the shoes and their money!

It’s a traditional game that is always played but the fighting between the sides is what adds the spice the game and wedding! I’m not saying make it completely easy for the girls side to take the shoes, you know by you handing them the shoes in their hands. Definitely make them work for it, adds some tricks to the game to make it interesting. At the end it can be like a scene from Hum Aapke Hain Koun where everyone is trying their hardest to get the shoes but in the end, it’s still the girl’s side that won. I know, it takes a lot to let them win, some egos may get bruised, but why not make them happy? I mean really, the tradition was made for the girls to get the money, so you might as well let them get the shoes if you’re going to be giving them money anyways. It’s a nice thing to do, that I’m sure they’ll keep in mind, that may actually give you pointers for the future right?

Shoe stealing isn’t the only highly honored tradition that has been followed since the beginning of time. Along side the shoes, there’s traditions such as the ribbon ceremony or grabbing the groom’s palu for punjabi weddings, standing in front of the groom’s car as the couple leaves after the vidaai, the mom pinching the groom’s nose at gujrati weddings and on and on. Honestly, there’s no dearth of ways for each side to chastely harass each other and “hustle” money out of one another. (Yes, I understand that may sound bad, but what else is it?) Not that it’s a bad thing either. Whichever tradition you and your groom may follow, it usually comes down to the bottom line of you, the groom, having to pay up to the ladies for a long time established tradition. I guess you could think it may be unfortunate, having to pay up to your sister in laws and bridesmaids for games but in the end, the point is to make it fun! It’s your wedding day and a lot of the process is serious and tense and these maybe silly but honored traditions relieve that pressure and add great fun for everyone, not just the ladies! The goal is to have your own fun and go along with the tradition as well! (And that includes eventually losing to the ladies!)