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We’re back today to share tips about your shopping techniques! So of course you won’t be able to buy accessories until you buy the actual dress for the day first. Once that is done, you can get the pieces to put it all together.

One of the accessories you are able to get while on your shopping trip is your jewelry. Now this may be just as important as your dress in all senses. Every family has their own tradition of how the jewelry part goes. Meaning, some families have tradition where jewelry is passed on from others, or where a certain family member or in laws may have to buy it or your parents have to. So whoever has to get you it, hopefully you are able to go along with them and pick some to your choice and in coordination with your outfit. If you going along isn’t possible, try to explain what kind and style you’d like for your jewelry to be. Another question that comes up when buying jewelry is if you have to buy real (gold) or if artificial is an option. Now this could be completely up to you, but then again, it all depends on your family and the tradition followed.

Now if you don’t have any of these restrictions, then your pretty much free to get jewelry to your liking that can coordinate well with your outfit. Lately, there have been a lot of different styles in jewelry, but sometimes only certain jewelry looks good with a certain outfit. So it’s important you can take at least a small part of your outfit when shopping so you are able to compare them together. this is the second best way to find out if the jewelry you picked best fits your outfit. Now if you can, the best way to find out if they are a good match is if you could even try on your outfit with your jewelry. Now this is probably highly unlikely because I don’t really know of any jewelry stores that keep dressing rooms. So this process would most likely happen in the sanctity of your own home.

Now the amount of type of jewelry again depends on tradition. If you are able to wear however much or less you want then there’s an assortment of jewelery for you to wear! Which is great because no one bride is alike, giving you room to be personal and unique to your liking.

A few other accessories that can be bought around the same time are clutches or purses and shoes. Like they say, one can never have too many shoes, and your wedding day gives you a big enough excuse to buy yourself another pair! Like always, it’s important for you to coordinate your purse/clutch and shoes with your outfit so everything can flow wonderfully!


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