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It’s all about the music

If your expecting a wedding with a jam-packed dance floor then there’s a few things that are important to consider when choosing your music. Now I know a lot of couples lay their faith in their hired DJ. However, sometimes that ends up being a bad bet. I’m not saying that you technically made a bad decision by hiring that vendor, however, majority of DJs have specialties. Some are better in American type, or Hindi, Punjabi or Garba, etc. So if this happens to be a piece of information you know, then it can be well played in advantage for your wedding. If it’s not something that he or she has shared or you haven’t seen them at work at other’s events, then it’s important to state what type and kind of music you’d like the most and least. Mention the type of couple you and your significant other is so your DJ will know preferences best. Even if you know your DJ and the work they do, mention the songs you want them to play for sure and songs you would like for them to avoid. It’s important to let your DJ know these kinds of things because there’s nothing worse than an empty dance floor and spending money on DJ that plays no music that you like. Also, as the couple deciding the music, it’s also important to consider your guests as well. Not everyone has the same taste in music, so throw in something out of the ordinary. If you’d rather not have this responsibility, then let your DJ do it. They usually have a good feel on what the crowd is enjoying!


Don’t forget to tell your DJ specific directions about your first dance, father daughter dance, etc. If you’d like a specific song for entering or cutting your cake, be sure to let them know ahead of time so you know they’ll have the song for sure. (You really don’t want things running late because your DJ is struggling to download a song asap) That mistake happens more often than it should, and it’s completely preventable. It takes just an email or text and it can be done!

Last thing, if you or your significant other doesn’t really keep up with the music loop, (which is perfectly normal) then just search popular songs of your choice of genre. You could also ask friends, or bridal party of their favorites songs, or do a vote of popular songs, etc. in the end, find a way to have your bridal party to help you out! With a few selected songs showing you your preferences, it can greatly help your DJ out for the big day!