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iSpy – capture the small details

While the photographers that you pick are pretty special, it is impossible to think that they will capture every single moment that happens at your wedding.  Why not put your guests to work and not tell them?  There are some amazing wedding picture apps online at this point (another post all together – so be on the lookout) but one cute way to get guests to play along is the iSpy game.  You remember this from your childhood road trips right, I Spy something red… ok, so same idea, just this captures it in a digital image that you can keep forever.  You can print these cute cards out and put a few per table or print in a larger format and have a few throughout the room – either framed or on foam board.  Guests will be occupied looking for the items on your list and have loads of fun in the process. Think about incorporating a hashtag or using one of the apps so that you can run a slideshow of the pictures at the end of the night when everyone is dancing.  Just another small tip… Please see images below to get you thinking about what you’d like your guests to capture for you!

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