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Fake versus Real (Cake that is…)

A recently discovered trend has been the battle between real cakes and fake cakes. The bottom line is that you have to get a cake, but couples are now considering if having every layer of your cake real is important. How does this work? You can pick and choose which layers you’d like to have fake or real.  Most couples have the bottom layer and very top layer as real since they have to cutinto the bottom one and it’s customary to save the top layer of the cake for your first anniversary. So, then you would still have other layers that you would like, but instead they would be made out of synthetic material and decorated in equivalency to the rest of the cake. Your cake is still just as beautiful as you imagined it, the only difference is that not all of that can be cut up and served to your guests. Instead you can buy sheets of cake that can be previously cut up and divided so serving cake is less time consuming and hassle free.

Not every couple agrees to this approach, some prefer it all to be edible, and some would like it be non edible at most. The decision usually comes down to your budget. (I know, does it all have to go back to that??) It may be less costly to have fake layers on  your cake compared to having it all real. Sure, it’s just flour, eggs and sugar – but the cost of a fully decorated cake can be over $1000.  Some vendors charge the same to do fake layers, so be sure to ask this in your initial consultation if it is important to you.  Here are some reasons you want to consider fake layers:  you plan on doing something radical with your cake in it’s design or display, the cake needs to be delivered at a time that would mean that it would be sitting for more than 3 hours before it is cut, you want to do a lot of candles under/near the cake (I know that one first hand – the cake will melt!) So just to prevent your cake from falling apart (and wasting your time and money) it may be a better option for you to get fake layers.

One last thing that I will say, as you are in the details of  Indian wedding planning, remember that cake is not the #1 dessert of choice of our desi parents.  Whether you decide to do all real or incorporate fake layers, couple the wedding cake with some much sought after gulab jammun or mithai!  We’ve posted several beautiful cakes, some are all real, some are all fake and some are mixed – can you tell which one is which?  We didn’t think so…