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Bridal Mehndi… basics

So your wedding is around the corner and you’ve managed to get everything in line for your big day.  In between the tastings and the fittings, sometimes things like bridal mehndi are overlooked. Sure, we all know it’s part of our South Asian wedding and we have to get it done but what brides sometimes forget it the planning it takes for minor things like mehndi as well.

So it doesn’t matter what type of mehndi you use, whether your design is Indian or Arabic or if you simply do it at home or hire Ash Kumar. Some basic prep work is going to be involved before you start on your mehndi. This involves waxing, manicures, pedicures, buffing, moisturizing, etc. you know, all the beautifying techniques in the book.

First of all, while keeping your mehndi date in mind, consider when you’d want to get your waxing done. Why I say waxing? Most brides have their mehndi done a few days before the big day so there’s a possibility of hair growth to begin in between. However, that all depends on your hair growth, so if you know that your hair won’t be coming back for sometime and you’re comfortable shaving or using a diploid (aka, hair removing cream), go for it! (Just be careful not to get cut or burns!) If you know your hair comes back fairly quickly, then waxing is most likely the best bet. If your afraid that it’ll hurt, then take a few painkillers about 20 twenty minutes before your appointment!

So back to when to get it done: two days before your mehndi is the best bet. Now, I say two days because a lot of brides get sensitive skin after their waxing. So just incase those red bumps show up after you wax, you have time for your skin to recuperate. To help speed up the process, ice your skin and apply Aloe Vera. If you’re a frequent waxer and it doesn’taffect you anymore, then you could even get it done the day before or even that morning!

Don’t forget to wax your legs along with your hands and arms! There’s going to be just as much attention given to your feet mehndi as your hands!

Now that the hard part is over, the more fun part can start! Your photographer is going to be focusing on your hands and feet the day of your mehndi more than anything. To make sure those shots come out perfect, treat yourself to a day at the spa! Get yourself a manicure and pedicure and relax! It may seem as though just painting your nails may be enough but you want to make sure that your nails are also cleaned, trimmed, and buffed for smoothness. Plus, your skin will get exfoliated, taking off dead, dry and unattractive skin and reveal smooth and shiny skin. This will also help you with keeping your skin moisturized during your wedding week! Even though all this is part of the wedding preparations, don’t forget to relax and enjoy it!

For the day of your mehndi, make sure you create a time frame for how long you’d like to keep on your mehndi (the longer, the darker). Then you know what time is best to get your mehndi done that day. Also, have a design picked out and printed and ready to go! This isn’t a time you’d want your designer to freehand or do what they like because in the end, you may not like it.  We’d hope the bride would be happy with her mehndi, I mean it is for her wedding. Aside from that, make sure you eat! Brides have gotten ill and dehydrated on mehndi days because of the lack of food! Don’t be afraid to ask someone to feed you or help you!

I know it may the seem obvious on what prep work to do, but a lot of brides become so busy in the rest of the details that they forget the details specifically pertaining to them. Hopefully we were able to help you with this friendly reminder! Chime in next time for tips on how to make your mehndi darker! (You know, because that shows how much your husband loves you =) )