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5 Common Mistakes in Invitations!

We are going to preface this posting by saying that you must understand that wedding invitations are considered the first glimpse into your wedding.  How to pick the right design and colors will be a whole other post, this is just to give you insight into common mistakes made on invites:

  1. When you write the location and time of the event, it’s meant to be written out like a sentence not like a list with colons. For example: “…at Omni Hotel at seven o’clock in the evening.” Also, understand that every word is not intended to be capitalized in invitations either.
  2. Indian grammar! A lot of people get their cards made in India, which is a great idea because it’ll save a good amount of money. The downfall however, is the plague of Indian grammar! About every card that I’ve gotten that has been made in India has some kind of grammar error. Clearly, it’s not an error there but here, for us Americans, it is. And I’m not sure about you but that happens to be the most frustrating thing because it’s completely avoidable! So watch out for extra commas or periods, misspelled words, etc.
  3. Everything is meant to be fully spelled out on the invitation. Like I mentioned before, there’s not supposed to be any number or punctuations marks to describe the details of an event. For example, it should be, “the first of October, two thousand nineteen” rather than October 1, 2019.  We understand that it’s easier to read it as October 1, 2019, however, formal invitations should follow in formal fashion.
  4. In the body of the invitation, when you write the address, there should be no zip code. I know it may feel incomplete without one, but it’s not proper in the invitation etiquette world.
  5. Last but not least, if you include an RSVP card, you MUST include a postage stamp for them to return the card! You are asking them to return something to you for your sake so you must include the stamp on the card. (It’s considered rude otherwise!) I can’t even begin to explain how many times I’ve gotten an invitation without and having to go buy stamps in order to give a couple the information they require. It’s small portion of your budget that is used for a small formality so make it easier on your guests!